Aeronautics English Training Seminars FCL055


Aeronautics English Training Seminars FCL055

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Publié le : 26 mai 2021

Brian SMITH, English speaker and licensed pilot of our flying club, organizes on a voluntary basis for the benefit of our flying club members 2 to 3 seminars per year to prepare for the English language skills exams (FCL055).

Passing this exam is necessary for pilots wishing to fly abroad and therefore also to be able to fly to our Spanish neighbours.

These seminars are normally scheduled for 2 days over a weekend in a comfortable room made available to us by Pau Pyrénées Airport.

The next set of seminars booked for this year will take place on Sat / Sunday 24th – 25th July 2021with an additional course booked for Sat / Sunday 23rd – 24th October 2021, both will take place at Pau Pyrenees Airport.

In addition, our team of volunteers is strengthening for the English aviation training targeted towards the examination of the English language competence VFR and IFR (FCL 055d)

Genevieve Clérin has just joined us and will bring us her skills ahead of the training already offered by Brian Smith.

At the end of these two days of training, Brian indicates to the participants if they are up to the level of taking the exam directly or possibly suggests additional paid training for 2 days, in partnership with the company CELS, allowing them faster access to the FCL055d exam level.

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