Anglais FCL055

English Language Proficiency ( FCL055 )

At Aéroclub du Béarn we believe there is a lot more to learning to fly than just flying the aircraft. The time you spend with an instructor, before and after a lesson is as important as the flight itself.

Our instructors will not only teach you to fly, they will support your development throughout the complete training syllabus at Aeroclub du Bearn.

Aéroclub du Béarn are therefore pleased to announce that we have expanded our operations of Flight Training and now offer bespoke courses in the subject – IFR English Language Proficiency ( FCL055 ).

The training in “ Aviation Air English “ is provided by Brian Smith who has been a voluntary member of the team at Aeroclub du Bearn since joining our organisation as a Private Pilot License holder in January 2017.

Brian has constructed and delivered bespoke training seminars in “ Aviation Air English “ for a significant number of delegates at the Aéroclub, the feedback has been extremely positive and many of our members have now been able to achieve their Aviation Air English ( ICAO Operational Level 4) Certification.

As a fully paid member of Aéroclub du Béarn you will have access to the “ Aviation Air English “ syllabus at no additional cost to you, our goal is to offer our members the best possible experience in aviation, and to provide you with added value whilst you complete your training at the Aeroclub du Béarn.

Interested ……….. then let’s talk !

[Informations] 30/10/ 2020

Suite au re-confinement, nos locaux ne sont plus accessibles depuis le 30 octobre 2020;

Cependant, notre secrétariat reste opérationnel aux horaires indiqués sur notre site et se fera un plaisir de répondre à vos questions par téléphone ou courriel.

Nous communiquerons sur notre site dès que nous pourrons à nouveau vous recevoir dans nos locaux.